Gacha SP

Introducing the extraordinary creation by @josephtomkins and @retrogame.evo : GACHA SP.

What makes this design unique is its square form factor, which houses the internals of a Game Boy Advance SP.

    • Resin or 3D printed front shell
    • Custom button board with tactile buttons
    • 3.0 IPS display (adjustable brightness)
    • Regular GBA SP back shell
    • Regular GBA SP buttons and rubbers
    • Low volume speaker optional. Audio adapter is recommended.


BOYSMODS is an authorised builder and will support the creators with each purchase.

Please note: This console features a one-of-a-kind, handcrafted design. Building it requires additional processing time and a high level of skill. It is not a mass-produced factory item nor an official Nintendo product.



Resin print: high-precision with excellent dimensional accuracy. Can be used for post-treatment processes such as spray painting and dyeing. Multiple options available (crystal clear, clear orange or solid color) - please send me a message for more information.
Mix and match!
To much options? Share the details down below such as, front and back shell color, button and rubber color and other wishes.
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