The ninth generation of consoles has arrived; countless superior systems are used by young and old and are indispensable in an average interior. But the real enthusiast goes back to the past..

You are most likely the proud owner of a Nintendo Game Boy and want to relive those games you remember as a piece of childhood sentiment. However, the popular consoles, from the first Game Boy (1989) to the Game Boy Advance (2001), don’t have the specs as we know them today. You probably remember those moments with some extra light, just to be able to see something and get that last badge of Pokémon Yellow.

But those days are gone: Today’s market offers a wide variety of upgrades available for the Game Boy.

The possibilities are endles nowadays, but I will give some examples. I’ll start with the most popular upgrade: an IPS display. With an IPS display you get the best and sharpest display currently on the market.

Is it really an upgrade?
Hell yes! The image is even sharper than the backlit display of the AGS-101 (Game Boy Advance SP). Dimming is possible in all cases, while you also give the models that originally don’t have a color display (Original Game Boy and the Pocket) the option to choose from a wide range of colors and a ‘retro-pixel’ effect.

But there is more..
There are many upgrades out there, for example the popular CleanJuice. With this rechargeable battery module you can enjoy your newly Game Boy for hours. And you can charge your console with USB-C.  All other upgrades can be found in the shop. 
Something in mind? Challenge me!

So who am I?

I’m a 90’s kid from the Netherlands with a hobby that got out of hand. I’ve been active with Nintendo’s for years: refurbishing, repairing and buying/selling. In 2019 I saw a lot of possibilities in this retro console world: it was time to take this hobby to the next level.

I want to create high-quality consoles, in consultation with the real enthusiast. Because we at least have one thing in common: a passion for retro consoles.

Feel free to contact me. Fill in the form or mail me!